How to Choose the Perfect Yoga Class For Your Type

How to Choose the Perfect Yoga Class For Your Type
With seemingly endless choices available - how will you know which yoga class suits you best? Here are a few general principles which will help.

What's the right style for you? You need to be honest about your fitness level, commitment and intentions in starting a yoga class. Is it to reduce stress? Get super-fit? Reduce your back pain? Calm your thoughts? Get in touch with your inner wisdom? Each yoga school has a different focus - some are more physically demanding, others focus more on meditation and chanting. See our guide to the some of the most popular styles available in the UK today.

Yoga style guide
Astanga vinyasa yoga
This is potentially very energetic and physically strong. It involves a lot of movement, a fair amount of upper body work and you will get hot and sweaty!
Ideal - if you are fit and want to be physically challenged
Sweat rating - 5
Peace of mind rating - 3
Created by Bikram Choudhury in Los Angeles, this style is performed in a heated room to allow the muscles to relax. A bikram class usually consists of twenty six asanas (yoga postures) and two breathing exercises, which maximises oxygenation and detoxification of the entire body.

Ideal - if you are very fit and want a vigorous workout

Sweat rating - 5
Peace of mind rating - 2