Losing Weight With a Proper Exercise Program

Losing Weight With a Proper Exercise Program
When trying to lose weight, there are diet changes that can be made to improve weight loss efforts. Unfortunately, the body can easily switch from burning fat and carbohydrate calories to burning protein if not enough food is consumed during the day. 
If food and calorie reduction were enough to make all weight loss efforts successful, everyone would have the ability to quickly and healthily achieve a normal body weight and maintain that weight. In reality, the body needs movement and exercise to boost metabolism, maintain healthy system functions and maintain weight loss.
A Proper Exercise Program
Now exercise may seem like an easy change to add to your daily routine. The trouble lies in knowing how much exercise to add and when to add new changes to the routine. Too many people choose to hit the exercise routines full strength from the first moments they are trying to lose weight. If they have not exercised before, this can lead to painful muscles and injury. 
A personal trainer or fitness professional can help plan the right routine for a beginner that will build muscle and boost metabolism in a gradual way. The more gradual the program, the less apt the dieter will be to quit working out shortly after starting the exercise program.
Why Work Out to Improve Weight Loss
Working out is about more than just building muscle, during the workout calories are burned at an average of 200 to 500 per workout. Those calories alone can add up to an extra pound of weight loss every week. In addition, exercise has been linked to better sleep and when the body can rejuvenate during the night, energy levels are higher and recovery after workouts quicker.
Exercise routines require calories to complete, as calories are the bodies source of energy. The first calories used are carbohydrate stores in the body. After those stores are depleted, the body turns to fat for its energy. Longer, moderately paced workouts tend to burn more fat calories that fast, strong workouts. Again, a personal trainer can create the perfect workout for fat burning and increased weight loss based upon your body structure and physical fitness level.
Getting in and out of the gym in 20 minutes or less may be the selling point for many at home workout programs, but these programs are designed for people who are already in generally good shape or those starting out for the first time with a fitness routine. After a short period of time, the new fitness program will grow old and the body will learn the movements being used during the 20 minute program. 
This means the body will show fewer gains in muscle and fewer calories burned. Weight loss can slow and even cruise to a stop. The best fitness program is one that is modified over time consistently changing the stress on the muscles and the heart. These programs can change every week or even daily with the help of a professional.